OneFuture Coachella Valley Team

Sheila Thornton

President and CEO

buy clomid and metformin online Tel: (760) 989-4161,          where can i buy Depakote online 

Ernie Rios

zithromax price uk Vice President, College Success 

Tel: (760) 625-0423,   

Kim McNulty

Vice President, Regional Strategy

Tel: (760) 413-5990, email:  

Oscar Fonseca

Student Success Coordinator

Tel: (760) 625-0461, email:  

Cristina Gregorio

Director of College & Career Success 

Tel: (760) 625-0449, 


Jacqui Tricco

Business and Finance Manager

Tel: (760) 625-0453, email: 

Luis Rojas

Data Analysts

Tel: (760) 625-0422, email:  

Paul Olsen

Development Director

Tel:                                        email: 

Ricardo Ramirez

Data Analysts

Tel: (760)625-0459  

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