Kristal LeDesma

Kristal LeDesma graduated from Coachella Valley High School (CVHS) in 2015. During her years as a high school students; she played softball, was part of the AP Club, dance team, and Hospitality Academy where she would do most of her community service, She also devoted her time volunteering at her church. Kristal earned the Pathways to Success Scholarship were she had the opportunity to continue her education at California State University, Fullerton.

She will be entering her third year in the fall of 2017 as a Kinesiology major. During her first few years in college not only has she been able to maintain a focus in her studies; but has also dedicated her time being in involved on campus. She’s part of Hemanas Unidas which is an organization of Latinas that come together to embrace the idea of female empowerment and discuss community issues. Kristal also volunteers to help raise money for Autism Speaks. Finally, she recently joined the Kinesiology club, which is a club for students who are majoring in kinesiology and have the opportunity to work with college athletes.

During her years in college, she plans on doing internships within the kinesiology program and hopes to study abroad during her spring 2018 semester at Greece. After earning her Bachelor’s degree she plans to continue her education and attend graduate school.

After Kristal has finished her education she plans to pursue a career in the sports department and become an athletic therapist for recovering college athletes. Later on in life she wants to come back to

The valley and give back to her community. She wants to spread awareness of child obesity and make kids more active in school.

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