Crystal Dilworth

Dr. Crystal Dilworth received her Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from Caltech where she studied the molecular basis for nicotine dependence. While at Caltech, she was cast as the character Tajel in PHD Comics’ The PHD Movie and The PHD Movie2: Still in Grad school, these opportunities opened her eyes to the universality of the academic experience and lead to her launch of PHDtv, a multimedia science communication platform co-founded with PHD Comics and fellow Caltech alumna Meg Rosenberg. Now an internationally recognized science communicator, Dr. Dilworth is a passionate and engaging speaker, scientist, and artist with a talent for transforming the very complex into the very simple. She is a frequent co-Host of the YouTube channel Seeker, and a contributor to the television program TechKnow, airing on Al Jazeera English. In 2012 Dr. Dilworth gained rapid recognition for her TEDxYouth talk titled The Myth of the Scientist in which she used her own unconventional experiences to explore the stereotypical portrayal of female scientists in the media. These and many other projects have provided a visible platform from which she continues to be a vocal advocate for STEM literacy and gender equity & inclusion.

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