Bradley K. Ward

Brad is an emotional intelligence coach at The Mission Coach, LLC in Palm Springs. Prior to becoming opening his practice, he spent 20 years in the nonprofit sector working in the areas of public health, arts administration, and education. In addition to coaching, he also provides consulting to nonprofit organizations in several technical areas.
His coaching style is direct and supportive. Brad uses neuroscience to help clients understand what happens in their brains and bodies in response to the world around them. He is a “glass always full” person, and thinks we spend too much time worrying about the proportion of liquid to air in the glass. One of his core beliefs is that each person has a purpose on earth, and that discovering and living that purpose is a key to having peace of mind. 
Brad relocated to Palm Springs from Washington, DC in 2014 with his husband and three dogs. He received his coach training at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA and has earned the Associate Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Federation.

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