Health: Part II of “Science of Nutrition & Exercise for Healthy Brains and Bodies

“Part II of “Science of Nutrition & Exercise for Healthy Brains and Bodies”” – Exercise reverses nearly all forms of chronic disease, vastly improves our mood and behavioral health, and improves overall health. This is especially true when healthy eating habits are used in conjunction with regular exercise. In the afternoon session, Jason Tate will build upon the concepts shared in the a.m. session and apply them as he explains how what we eat, drink, and think affects our short-term and long-term mental & emotional health, not to mention our physical health as well. Our global addiction to carbohydrates has caused the cataclysmic epidemic of depression and anxiety because we consume over 180 lbs of the brain-altering drug every year! Learn the truth about carbohydrates, how sugar alters our biochemistry, and how to break the destructive addiction to the world’s most widely-used and addictive substance: sugar. “

Location: Indian Wells Theater Date: June 20, 2018 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Jason Tate

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