Sasha Baltazar Sasha Noemi Baltazar graduated from Cathedral City High School in 2018. Soon after her high
school graduation she went to California State University San Bernardino, at the Palm Desert
campus(PDC). Sasha was a Dr. Carreon Foundation Scholar her freshman year of college, and
is proud and grateful to be a One Future Scholar as a sophomore. Sasha works at the Rancho
Mirage Student Center at the PDC, where she helps plan and execute events that promote
student engagement, as well as act as a resource center for students. Sasha is part of the
Student Ambassador Society, which is an organization that encourages the well being of
students and promotes community service around our beautiful valley. Sasha likes to keep busy by time trying new things and doing community service. Sasha’s dream is to become a nurse, or work in the hospital and give back to her community. Although she has barely begun her journey, she tries her best to do her best so she can add her grain of sand to the beach that is her beautiful community. She currently volunteers at a the only no-charge clinic in the Coachella Valley, Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine, or (CVVIM). At CVVIM, Sasha completes clerical tasks, like scheduling appointments, making phone calls, and also volunteers as a translator. Sasha is a Catechist at St. Louis Church in Cathedral CIty. This past academic year, Sasha completed over two hundred hours of community service within her college campus, as well as out in her community. When Sasha is not occupied elsewhere, she loves to spend time with her family. Sasha believes that time is the new currency, so she can’t afford to spend it on anything other than family, fun, and community. She believes that you get what you make of it, so it’s best to make everything worthwhile! She is super excited to see what the future holds for her, and is grateful for everyone who has helped her along the way.