Jose Sotelo

vois ici Jose Sotelo JR and is a renewal Coachella Valley One Future scholarship recipient. He found a uniqueness in what he has accomplished as a first generation Hispanic college student. When he started off with CV One Future he had the raw components of a scholar because of his efforts in the classroom and with the community.

référence utile He was an Honor Roll Student at Palm Desert High School on a consistent basis and was recognized for his efforts with the Career Technical Education pathway on numerous occasions. What he is most proud about this is being part of CTE, which required him to step out into the community and make professional connections where he could be an active participant in the community.

However, as great as this sounds, he had some big decisions to make considering that his scholarly efforts were leading up to him being college bound. The logistics of how he would make it to a university was a great struggle, fortunately, he had the right mentors who urged him to be involved with One Future CV. What this organization has done for him goes beyond words. It is more than solely the scholarship that leads to financial assistance with college tuition. For him, it provides the confidence that while he is far from home, he has a support group of professionals who are actively seeking ways to help him develop my craft as a scholar and a professional.

Currently, he is going into his second year at the University of California, Merced as a Political Science Major. What he has accomplished at his time there is academic excellence and community participation on and off campus with Hermanos Unidos, National Residence Hall Honorary Association, and UCM Community Engagement Center. What he plans for the upcoming future is to be involved with Student Government and Yosemite Leadership Program that will enhance that well roundedness aspect of a scholar, professional, and servant to the community.