Cristina Munoz Orozco Cristina Munoz Orozco graduated from Palm Springs High School (PSHS) in 2017. After graduating from PSHS, Cristina attended California State University San Bernardino, Palm Desert Campus (CSUSB PDC) with a scholarship from One Future Coachella Valley. She is currently a treasurer and secretary for the Communications Club. In these roles she has been responsible for advertising the club, creating club activities for each meeting held, and she works to develop the speech tournament held each year. Cristina is currently pursuing a major in Liberal Studies and looks forward to earning her bachelor’s degree to become an aspiring teacher here in the Coachella Valley. She currently works for the Office of Students with Disabilities as a student assistant at California State University San Bernardino, Palm Desert Campus. As a first-generation to go to college she strongly believes that each individual is defined by their abilities to pursue in life, and she wants her students to not only to know that they are cable, but to feel that they have the power within them to pursue their dreams. Her dream as an educator is to inspire students to achieve their goals and to never give up.