Agustin Arreola

go to this website Agustin Arreola graduated from Desert Mirage High School (DMHS) in June 2015. During his four years in high school, Agustin was involved in several clubs including Associated Student Body (ASB), Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) where he served as President, and Raices. Agustin also served as the Class of 2015 Vice President, and School Executive Vice President, as well Treasurer. Agustin graduated with a 4.2 GPA from DMHS and was in the top ten of his graduating class. He was awarded a one-year scholarship in the amount of $5,000.00 from the Dr. Carreon Foundation.

Agustin is currently a third year at UCLA, where he is working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. In addition, he plans to continue his education and earn his Master’s in Business Administration. He is also involved with the AVID Alumni Association on campus, which sets up an annual conference each year where UCLA students put on and present workshops geared towards the college going process for high school students in Southern California.

His goal is to start his own security company business concentrating in the Law Enforcement sector. He is currently working for the University of California Police Department as a Community Service Officer (CSO) where he has received several promotions including dispatcher operational supervisor and is currently serving as the hiring supervisor. As the hiring supervisor he focuses on marketing the CSO program to bring new people onboard and find them jobs, and works on public relations regarding the security aspect for student life. Learning the ins and outs of a security like business has given him great insight to the type of business he’d like to have in the Coachella Valley.

Agustin also plans to return to the Coachella Valley as a community leader to help the youth pursue their educational dreams. He plans on working in public policy with local elected officials because he understands that through it his efforts can be translated into actual tangible improvements in the Coachella Valley.