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Special THANK YOU to our 2016 Fall CVEP Interns

Special THANK YOU to our 2016 Fall CVEP Student Interns. This past fall, we were fortunate to host five (5) exceptional interns from College of the Desert. Each of these interns went from being one of our scholars, to a CVEP Team colleague. Their level of professionalism is truly immeasurable. Some of the projects we had […]

Second Scholarship Disbursement Requirements

To ensure a prompt release of your second scholarship disbursement, please make sure to submit the following documents by their due dates: Personal Mission Statement (Last Name, First Name MS 2016-2017) Due: September 2016 Scholars: First-year Scholars Education and Career Plan (Last Name, First Name ECP 2016-2017) Due: September 2016 Scholars:  Renewal Scholars LinkedIn Account Due: […]

Internship opportunities available for spring 2017

Internship opportunities available for spring 2017: We are currently seeking additional CVEP interns. If you are enrolled at College of the Desert or CSUSB Palm Desert and would like to gain some professional experience with our team, please e-mail us your resume to by Friday, January 13, 2017. Following are the available internship opportunities: CVEP […]

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