Roula Roe Roula Roe

Roula Roe serves as Operations & Development Coordinator for OneFuture CV. Prior to this position, Roula has held a variety of transforming positions. She was a District Retail Manager for Ladies Sports Wear, troubleshooting underperforming retail outlets in the Kelowna and Vancouver areas which successfully turned around these poor performing stores in 3 years! As Director of Admissions & Marketing for Fraser Academy School in Vancouver, Roula developed marketing and business development strategies for the K-12 Learning Disabilities Independent School leading to a doubling of school enrollment in one year. As Director of Marketing for Full Circle, Roula created fundraising literature and organized events for troubled 8 to 18 years old boys placed in group homes in the greater Marin and Sonoma counties. At College of the Desert (COD), Roula managed the $700,000 Federal Annual Grant Budget for COD Title V Cooperative Grant aimed to increase student retention, implemented faculty training workshops, and established an endowment between CSUSB and COD. She also created and managed COD’s Transfer/Career Center, doubling the number of students utilizing the center in one year. Roula was awarded Top Performer from the United Way as an outreach spokesperson, responsible for the highest grossing fundraiser since the inception of the United Way in Vancouver, Canada. Her specialties are marketing, development, community outreach and public speaking.

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