Dr. Silas Gyimah

I was born in Ghana and immigrated to San Diego in my mid teens. I completed high school at San Marcos High in 2015. Following that, I completed two associates’ degrees at Palomar Community College while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. After two and half years at Palomar community college, I transferred to California State University, San Marcos where I completed my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry in 2011. I was awarded the Most Outstanding Biochemistry Student in my cohort upon graduation.


After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I went to Ross School of Medicine, where I received my Doctor of Medicine in 2016. I matched into Eisenhower Family Medicine Residency Program in March of 2016, where I am currently completing my first year.


I am from a family of 6 and upon immigrating to the United States, I lived with a family friend while I completed high school. I have since lived on my own. While pursuing my associates and bachelor’s degrees, I worked as a Certified Nurses’ Assistant. I worked overnight and while I pursued my academics during the day. Life was not easy, just to say the least but with determination, discipline, and focus on God, I was able to overcome many of the hurdles I encountered.


My wife and I currently run a Non-Profit Organization called Growth Scholarship Fund. We provide financial assistance to qualified applicants in Junior college, universities and graduate programs who are in dire financial needs and have no family or other financial support.


Below is a more detailed description of my journey to becoming who I am today.

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