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Juan Guzman graduated from Desert Hot Springs High School and grew up in the Coachella Valley. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California Riverside, earning him a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2015.

As a CVEP Pathways to Success scholarship recipient and a Future Physician Leader, Juan demonstrated a commitment in improving the well-being of residents within the Coachella Valley. From volunteering at the flying doctors, an event held bi-annually in the Eastern Coachella Valley which provides medical care to residents without access to basic healthcare to holding internships at Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo, Loma Linda Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente as part of the Health Career Connection (HCC) program.  Juan is a perfect example on how impactful pipeline programs can be to students with disadvantage backgrounds.

In 2012 Juan also founded a non-profit group called “A Healthier Future”. The three component program is based around diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease awareness. The educational component focuses on management and prevention. The health status component focuses on health screenings. The final component provides community resources to residents who present with abnormal results.

Juan has returned to the Coachella valley where he is currently preparing to take the Medical College Admissions Test also known as the MCAT.  He is also currently interning as  as an accountant and data analyst  for CVEP Pathways to Success. He is working closely with students as they prepare to enter higher education and helping the organization, Pathways to Success, that has given him so much.

Juan’s ultimate goal is to attend medical school to earn his M.D. degree in Family Medicine and return to the Coachella valley to serve his community with social responsibility.

Where can i buy cipro, Buy cipro antibiotic online

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