Guadalupe Arreola

Guadalupe Arreola graduated from Desert Mirage High School (DMHS) in 2015.  During her years as a high school student, she played basketball, was part of the AVID and ASB club and volunteered at her church. She completed her high school education with a 4.2 GPA and was ranked 6th in her graduating class. She finished her first year of college with a 3.4 GPA and hopes to continue keeping good grades. Guadalupe earned the Dr. Carreon Scholarship her first year of college and her second year she received the Path Ways to Success scholarship.

She is currently a sophomore majoring in Biology. During her first year in college, she mainly focused in her studies and volunteered at some of the events held at her school, like Volunteer Day, a day where you help out the Los Angeles community, and Bruin Day, a day where admitted Bruins get to visit and explore the campus.  She is also part of Flying Samaritans, a club whose purpose is to give medical service to an underserved community in Tijuana. This is exactly what Guadalupe wants to do help an underserved community.

During her years in college, she plans on doing internships and job shadowing. In the summer she did an internship with the Future Physician Leaders Program, where she went out to the community and gave a presentation about Skin Cancer, and also attended lectures that talked about the healthy industry. She also did an internship with the Regional Access Project Foundation where she learned about non-profits.


As she pursues her educational career she expects to go to medical school and study to become a pediatrician or family physician.  After she has finished with all her education, she wants to come back to the valley and help out her community. She hopes to one day work for a non-profit clinic.

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