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Cindy Yanez graduated from Cathedral City High School in 2015. She was very active during her high school years. She was the Community Service Commissioner of the Associated Student Body (ASB.) She was a member of the Dance Team and the president of the Fashion and Sewing Club. She enjoyed participating in all high school events including dances, sports events, and float parties. She was voted the Homecoming Queen during her senior year. Outside of school, she volunteered every weekend at The Living Desert and was the treasurer of the ZooTeen program. A hula dancer, she enjoyed performing traditional and modern Hawaiian routines. She also maintained a part-time job at a local fruit and juice bar, “Mangos!”.

Now that Cindy has celebrated all of her high school accomplishments, including her 3.9 GPA and finishing her high school career ranking #4 in her graduating class, she is preparing for a new stage in her life — college. She is commuting to UC Riverside this fall and majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Although she will be attending school in Riverside, Cindy plans on maintaining involvement in her true home, the Coachella Valley. After receiving a $5000 scholarship from CVEP, she decided to become part of the Pathways to Success Leadership Team. Although her priority this year is passing her classes, she also is sorting out ways to remain involved in the community.

In the long run, Cindy’s goal is to be a happy and admirable person. She wants to make her family and community proud. After college, she hopes to find a career in aeronautical and aerospace mechanics. She would like to specialize in designing aircraft and spacecraft. However with such a broad major, she keeps an open mind and wants to apply engineering onto whichever the circumstances of the world are once she has mastered it. Once she has gained hands-on experience and wisdom in the math and science field, she would like to become a teacher in the Coachella Valley as a way of giving back and sharing her passion with the next generations.

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