Carlos Blanco

Carlos Blanco is currently pursuing a degree in Architecture at UC Berkeley. He graduated from Shadow Hills High School in 2013, and from College of the Desert in 2016. He is very passionate about architecture and its impact and ability to shape the social framework and living situations in our communities. He seeks different avenues of professional programs and projects that can provide him with the engagement of interacting with society as a whole. He currently was accepted into a mentorship program for undocumented high school students. He comes from humble beginnings where little was offered to him back in his home country El Salvador, but the fact is that he has much to offer the world through his dedication. His self-realization has guided him through his educational


endeavors. He’s proud to be part of the CVEP Leadership team, and can only await great opportunities while in the program.


He has various academic and personal plans to accomplish in the next few years. The first goal is to finish his Bachelors from Berkeley, and apply to a study abroad program in Australia or Denmark. He would like to continue his education into a graduate program in Architecture.

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